Organization Reflection Paper

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REFLECTION: PERSON-ORGANIZATION FIT 11/09/2015 Today, I started this class with the reading of the above topic in chapter three and unit 2. Person-organization fit is “The degree to which a person’s values, personality, goals, and other characteristics match those of the organization.” (Bauer & Erdogan, 2009, p. 51). As I reflect on this topic, it make sense to me that when a person values, and goal is aligned to that of a company, there is absolute possibility that the employee will stay longer in that organization. Moreover, the employee will work as if he owns the company. It reminds me of when I got my first employment. I was really satisfied with the job, but I was in no way the organization fit. The company’s values and goals didn’t align with mine, but because the take-home salary was attractive, and the economy was rough at a time, I manage to remain with the company. What I learned with that experience was that the fact that one is satisfied with a job doesn’t necessarily make him/her an organization fit. However, when a person’s values, goals, and personality aligns with an organization, it’s obvious, that person with be satisfied with the job and the organization. My question then will be, is it possible to be a person-organization fit and not be satisfied with the job? REFLECTION: PERSONALITY 13/09/2015 In my class activities today, I continued to explore the textbook and I came across the subject on personality which was defined as “The relatively stable
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