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“Tall and Flat organizational structure, their advantages and disadvantages and differences between the two types of structure”
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An organization is a group of people who all work together to get a common collective goals. To achieve these objectives they work under different organization structure. The distribution and management of different authorities, their roles and responsibilities, their superior and junior as well as their level of communication is an organization structure.
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Tall organization structure contains many level of management so, it is costly and only suitable for large and complex company on the other hand flat organization has fewer level of management which leads to cheaper cost and suitable for small and straightforward company. Giffen D.(2012) employees in flat organization have more influence to the company because they have direct contact with higher level while employees in tall organization have may layers through which they have to advanced their careers and may become frustrated and has less influence towards organization. Communication process in tall organization may take much time because they have to pass it through different authorities which leads in delay in decision making process while flat organization has fewer level of management and communication becomes faster and decision making process will be prompt. Control, coordination and supervision in tall organization is good as compared to the flat organization because the number of subordinates in tall organization is fewer as compared to the flat organization which leads to less chance of mistakes and employees are focused to do work as per company’s rules and regulation. Because of more number of employees in flat organization pressure to managers is more which leads to stress and cannot maintain good relation among staff while having less number of subordinates…show more content…
Both structure some advantage and drawbacks but a manager has to apply company rules and regulation at work place. But the fact is tall organizational structure is expensive and flat organization is cheaper.

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