Organizational Behavior In Amazon

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Behavior of Organization Culture as shown in Amazon Company
Ryssdal, (2015) connotes that culture and organizational behavior are linked in the sense that a reliable and efficient culture often guides employees towards success. It is thus necessary that a leader or a manager familiarize with an organizational culture that will push employees into achieving desirable levels of performance. A firm culture leads to the formation of habit, which transforms into corporate behavior. Meyer, (2017) also argues that the behavior of the employees will imitate that of the top leaders and managers in the organization. Various considerations to factor when developing an organizational action is whether the organization has to be the task-focused or social
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Another significant aspect of Amazon 's organizational culture that impacts directly on its corporate behavior is the power distance. The CEO at Amazon is unreachable to the junior employees. The managers have complete power over their employees. The employees do not contribute directly towards decision making but have to go to their managers. Despite the hierarchies of power, Amazon has managed to give autonomy to their employees in a manner that makes them feel like they are owners of the business. This objective is partly because Amazon only retains highly talented and versatile employees. Amazon motivates loyalty from such employees by offering them stock options in Amazon rather than compensating them with cash. This sense of ownership makes employees committed to seeing the organization grow in the long run. Hussain, (2016) notes that these factors which are exhibited as organization culture have a significant impact on the behavior of employees at Amazon. These cultural factors have collectively nurtured a behavior of hard work. As much as the foundation of the organizational culture is stressful to the employees, they find it necessary to keep going because they have a stake in the firm and will give everything to see the company…show more content…
These sentiments are supported by Chew (2015), who critically presents implications, advantages, and disadvantages of Amazon 's organizational culture and corporate behavior. As noted by Bezos, Amazon has a culture and behavior that seek to enable it to maintain its market leadership position in the e-commerce industry. As a result, he has created a culture that emphasizes on a bold, peculiar and customer-centered behavior (Smith, Rupp & Offodile, 2017). These three tenets are essential to ensuring the sustainability of the firm. The second advantage of Amazon 's culture and behavior is that it focuses on customers. This implies that customers are consistently satisfied with the firm 's products and

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