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Organizational Behaviour is the application of knowledge about how peoples, individuals, and groups act and react in an organization, in order to reach and accomplish the highest quality of performances, and dominant results. A leader as the head of the organisation subdivides and assigns roles, responsibilities and authority in his organisation to carry out different tasks for the employees plays an important role in performance and productivity. Therefore, the leader sets a clear vision for the organisation in order to achieve their perspective goal. A good leader not only motivates but also guide the employees through the work process and build morale through his/her behaviour. The leaders’ behaviours display their actions and styles by…show more content…
This will impact positively to the subordinates’ self-esteem, intellectual stimulation and charisma to achieve the goal of the organisation. If they are not given appropriate support, the subordinate will not be able to commit 100% workmanship nor they will have the satisfaction in working and the produced outcome of the organisation will be not as expected and goal will be never achieved. Characteristics of subordinates will be variant in an organisation always and they need high level of motivation throughout every juncture in work evolvement for their effort is prominent. This describes a leader’s behaviour on how they understand the situation in the organisation for the subordinate’s wellbeing at work whereby he is able to monitor the past, current circumstances in the organisation so that he could pro-act for the future comings. A coercive leader works best when a company turnaround is needed-. This influences the staffs and the team by realising that the head of the organisation is concerned regarding the work progression and goal to be achieved.…show more content…
All organisations and groups experience the direct relationship between job satisfaction, and performance. In order to maximize the performance of those within a system, it is significant important to develop interpersonal relationship. One way for an organization to become more innovative is to capitalize on its own employee’s to innovate. Organizational Behaviour also helps individual to create self-awareness all the times. Individuals will be able to draw and execute his own action plan, and well known the current position of him, and be aware of where is the next position he is going to reach. It is possible by effectively motivate the employees to accomplish their tasks and developing a strong relationship which should be based on trust and

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