Organizational Behavior Reflection Paper

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Throughout the Organizational Behavior course, the students have been provided with a great opportunity to challenge their teamwork skills as well as their ability to overcome their teams’ problems. Not only do we learn how to co-operate with each other in harmony, but we also gradually learn to know how to apply the organizational behavior-related concepts and theories in class to our working process towards the assigned project. Overall, my team, consisted of 6 people (Carine, Onsen, Kim, Beck, Toan, and Chika), has successfully finished the project in time. However, there are still some problems that we would like to improve; therefore, throughout this essay, we would like to make an analysis of our work as well as to evaluate the working process during this course. The nature of group projects is that they require well-organized structure, co-operation and detailed plan in order to make a steady progress [Easter Evans, 2014]. Therefore, group project cannot be done by only one person’s ability but it requires each member’s participation and ideas in order to become a successful one. As in structure, our group decided not to choose a leader. The reason for this is that sometimes, when a team has a group leader, the rest of the members rely on the leader and do not contribute any effort, leaving the leader with all responsibilities. For us, this has no compensation; and instead, in order to make a well-organized group where everyone has his/her own responsibility, we
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