Organized Crime Vs Occupational Crime

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This research essay will cover the differences between occupational and organized crimes. Occupational crime is a crime that occurs within workplaces an organizations (Vadera,2013). However, organized crime is crimes created by a group of people outside of an organization that takes money from a major organization, company, or government agency(Giovino,2014). Organized crime has a much larger scope than occupational crime, and organized crime affects the world in a negative way (Knowles, 2010). Both of these crimes have different goals. People who participate in occupational crime are looking to gain extra income; they are not looking to build another finical instruction (Giovino,2014). The participants of organized crime are looking to make…show more content…
Organized crime deals with teams of individuals selling illegal items around the world. These people groups are arranged in a specific structure to commit large-scale crimes. They are involved in scams, loan sharking, sex trafficking, prostitution, drug sells, and destitution. Many times they move in on and steal legal business from their owners. The membership of an organized crime group is restricted to race, kinship, family, and community. These crimes groups are independent of one another. If one part of the organized crime group gets caught by the police, then the other part will survive an prosper. Organized crime members goal is to make monetary profit (Knowles,…show more content…
Both of these crimes are major crimes that can bankrupt a company. Organized crime is more harmful than occupational crime because it has a larger scope than occupational crime(Giovino,2014). Organized crime involves theft, loan sharking, prostitution, and sex trafficking, murder, internet crimes and kidnapping. Organized crime is more violent than occupational crimes because it does not involve violence. Organized crime has the potential of bankrupting a nation's monetary funds. Organized crime is more dangerous than occupational crimes because organized crime sometimes has aided terrorist with funding. The sole purpose of organized crime to continually make money. Organized crime members do not care how they make their money and the effects of them getting money. Occupational crime differs from organizational crime because the participants of occupational crime do not want the company they work for to be bankrupt and go out of business. The participants of occupational crime whole goal are not focused on making

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