Organizational Behaviour Case Study

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MGT 602



Jennifer UZOMA
29 November 2017

Question 1: How is Organisational behaviour affiliated with my organisation, my department and me independently?

According to , there are three levels of Analysis of Organizational Behaviour (OB):
Organisational level
Organization Behaviour (OB) is a behavioural science that study the behaviour of an organization as a whole. To study the organization, it applies the knowledge of behavioural science. Organization behaviour has tried to analyse how the organizational structure designs technology influence to the organizational effectiveness. It tries to focus the relationship
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Organizational level of OB persons includes ideas or concept and meaning of organizations, ethics and values of the organizations, types of the organizations, types of the organizations, system of the organizations, environment of the organizations, policies and strategies of organizations etc. It also studies or focuses on the mission, vision, goals and objective of the organization as a whole organizational behaviour also considers organizational climate and the organizational adaptation. Here, organizational climate refers to the total organizational situations affecting human behaviour, organizational behaviour suggests the approach to create organizational climate in totality rather than merely improving the psychological conditions or increasing employee’s satisfaction by changing isolated work…show more content…
Psychological theories like learning, motivation and leadership are also considered to the study of the behaviour of an individual. It has also studies the factor like learning, perception, belief and attitude of each individual. OB studies the impact of psychological factor upon behaviour and job performance at individual level.
Organization consists of people with differ in personal characteristics and demo-graphical factors. The difference in individual is analysed by understanding their behaviour and reaction to organizational policies, procedures and practices. It is highly concerned with the psychological theories of an individual as it studies motivation, perception, learning, value and attitudes, personality of an individual and try to analyse how individual behave and react in different
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