The Importance Of Change In Organizations

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Change management is the process through which organizations continually renew their structures, directions, and capabilities to serve the dynamic needs of their stakeholders (Mullins, 2010; Benn et al., 2014). Change is a continuous process in the life of an organization, and it occurs at strategic and operational level (van Bortel et al., 2010; Linnenluecke & Griffiths, 2010). Therefore, it is vital to recognize the importance of change to any organization by defining its future and approaches for managing change to attain the set future goals. Currently, organizations and teams are exposed to rapid changes as a direct result of globalization and the growing importance of sporting in the social development and sustainability
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As much as effective management of change is necessary for the survival of this organization, research has reported high levels of failure of most change programs initiated in organizations (Mullins, 2010). These poor success rates of change management process in the organization can be correlated with lack of effective action planning. To effectively identify the issues that require the organization to introduce changes, it is imperative to explore the theoretical approaches to change management related to the highlighted…show more content…
This is the case with HKBA as it is currently facing sustainability challenges due to its inability to address the sporting needs in the community. Research has demonstrated that organizations perform better when they interact effectively with the external environment. van Bortel et al. (2010) supports this assertion by linking change to organizational development. However, it is vital to identify the forces that control organizational change. According to Mullins (2010), there are various factors that trigger change in an organization including unpredictable economics, legislation changes, political interests, levels of government involvement, and resource scarcity. All this factors affect the operations at HKBA. Research has positioned organizational leadership at the centre of change management. According to Armstrong (2009), through effective leadership, members of an organization can be inspired to achieve the desired results. From the above analysis of HKBA, it is evident that the organization has been unable to effectively meet its goals and objectives in relation to community sporting due to lack of effective approaches to funding its activities. The inadequate capital for running the activities in this organization has resulted to vital aspects of the operations in the organization being
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