Change Management Theories

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Organizational Behavior and Change Management Theories
Different companies can describe organizational change in different ways, but technically it can be defined as company or organization going through some defined transformation. Organizational change occurs when business strategies or major sections of an organization are altered (Business Dictionary). The strategies can involve restructurings, merges, process enhancements, layoffs, and acquisitions.
This paper focuses on the changes that have occurred or are occurring in the field of human resource and those that occur within the organization but affects human resource. Human Resource (HR) Management is defined as the design of formal systems in an organization to ensure the effective
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This means that change causes discomfort to the status quo. He identified three phases of changes; unfreeze (create right environment), change/transition (Supporting change to desired state) and Refreeze (Reinforce to anchor change). This model is regarded to be the simplest form of change management. Organizations that are not accustomed to change management can easily plan around Lewin’s model. Lewin also predicts the challenges of facing opposition to change and minimizes it. Critics however have argued that the model does not in detail flesh out the exact freezing processes and fails to discuss the best strategies of unfreezing. They argue that as such this mode should be used as a template for other…show more content…
The eight steps involve; Establishing a sense of urgency, Create a guiding coalition, Form strategic vision and initiatives, Communicate the change vision, Empower employees for actions and remove barriers, Generate short-terms win, Consolidate the gains, and Anchor new approaches in the organizational culture. The advantage of this model is that it makes transition easier by involving the employees. It also has a strong step-by-step checklist of the change process. The disadvantage of the model is that it can be time consuming following all the
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