Hr Task 3 Essay

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TASK 3 (P3.1, P3.2, P3.3)
(P3.1) Jumeirah is a hotel chain which has to apply various changes at times in order to adjust the changes in the environment such as political, social, technological or laws and policies. It is being observed that any organizational change within the company faces many kinds of issues from employees who are not ready for many changes at a time. These changes can be implemented by the organization with the help of the management which ensures the success implementation of changes within the organization.
Changes in the organization can be applied by making employees aware about it beforehand and getting their feedbacks on time for them to prepare. This will help the organization in understand the point of view of the employees about the changes that is to happen in the organization.
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For example, an autocratic leader would directly apply the changes by forcing his decisions on the employees without their point of view while the democratic would discuss first all the aspects of the changes with their employees and would take suggestions then create a decision. The motivation of the employees are dependent on the leadership styles of a manager as the manager who forces their decisions and won’t ask the opinions of the employees are not usually liked by the employees while the manager who are considerate and has the nature of consulting the employees before making a final decision are much liked by the workers as they feel as if they are really part of the formation of the organization. Such leaders motivate their worker to work in the changed environment and understand their point of views about the changes. So it is concluded that the leadership style plays a crucial role in the motivation of the employees during the stage of adapting to changes in the
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