Organizational Communication Assignment

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FINAL ASSIGNMENT (60%) Human Resource and Development

(Work Organization and Society)

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Question – Organization communication is more than a process by which information is exchanged. Critically discuss.

Organizational communication occurs when there is an exchange of plans, proposals, proposition, intentions or objectives among the workers and coordinators in and out of an organization. It is action taken by the employees through which we can gather a great quantity of data on any activity under social norms and use that collective data in order to reach organization’s objectives. Powerful correspondence is a fundamental segment to viable administration
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Correspondence combines the commonsense and the expressive requests of an association life, there by giving a huge number of hierarchical occasions with significance. In an association names are the most commonplace components of authoritative correspondence which tells what things are. Weick (1985) highlights to the role of labeling in an organization. Labels are successful in management in case to clear ambiguity. Effective labeling is a key to organizational power (Smircich & Morgan, 1982: Weick, 1985). Labels helps us to understand change and remove any misunderstanding. If there is effective communication in an organization and it can help us to deal problems such as diversity, example using label as a tool for organizational talk helps us understand the importance of diversity in work force in an organization (J. Rose, 2007). Proficient utilization of correspondence and joining naming to comprehend causes us to diminish the hindrances of social contrasts and dialect…show more content…
On the off chance that the correspondence is not transmitted through right channel for instance, if representations are utilized as a part of an association to pass a message is troublesome and not comprehended by the last beneficiary then the undertaking won't be done is correct way and it will negatively affect association. Besides if there is to much utilization of representations then one can't retain every one of them it will likewise have a negative impact. A lot of correspondence can over-burden representatives with an excess of data, which is even not of their utilization and this will make vagueness in work and for basic leadership
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