Organizational Conflict Analysis

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Conflict is part of day to day life in every organisation due to different beliefs, values, religion, age and culture of employees. This is a challenge to managers and directors to solve conflicts, if they arise, by being innovative in creating solutions but not all conflict are bad. There are some conflicts that can help the life of the organisation as it learns and grows as it serves to modify strategies and techniques. Unresolved conflicts lead to unproductive human resources and can lead to absenteeism and decreases the levels of cooperation, which is very bad for the life of the organisation. Conflict happens when two or more contradictory perspectives haven’t been agreed on, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, when handled…show more content…
The functional view of organisational conflict always sees it as a productive tool, a tool that can allow staff members to increase their knowledge and skills. It allows member to increase their contribution to the organisation innovatively as they need to create a solution to the conflict that arises. Todays, more modern approach considers that the keys to organization success lie not in structure, clarity and orderliness, but in creativity, responsiveness and adaptability. The successful organization, needs conflict so that diverging views can be put on the table, and new ways of doing things can be created. (Flordelina B. Utleg, 2012). Even small ‘personality conflicts’ provide opportunity for managers to improve the organisation as it tells them what is and isn’t working. If you allow yourself as organisation to subscribe to a flexible vision and realise that every conflict gives you opportunity to grow, rather than eliminating conflict your task becomes managing conflict so it enhances people and organisations. Conflict also has the added benefit of encouraging open mindedness avoids organisations to fall prey to tendencies of group thinking which happens to many organisations world
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