Organizational Culture Essay

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Organizational Culture
Abstract: Organizational culture is a system of philosophies, ideologies, values, assumptions, beliefs, attitude and expectation that knit the organization together and shared by its employees. It reflects characteristics of an organization which differentiates one from another, ranging from internal policies, public relation and customer service. Organizational culture influences day to day activities of an employee. It is closely related to its brand image, while reinforcing and informing others. Culture is created by founder’s values and beliefs or due to critical incidents which took place in the organization.
If you want to provoke a vigorous discussion, start a debate on organizational culture. While there is a
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It changes incrementally and constantly according to the external and internal changes. So to assess organizational culture it is complicated like hitting a moving target. But it also opens the possibility of learning and developing. A study on perspective of prospective employees about the concept of organization culture

1) Are you aware of the term “organizational culture?”
a) Not at all aware b) Slightly aware c) somewhat aware d) moderately aware e) Fully aware
2) Rate yourself on the understanding of the term “organizational culture”
(1 being the least and 5 highest)
1 2 3 4 5
3) Understanding of organizational culture important
a) Not at all important b) slightly important c) neutral d) moderately important e) very important
4) organizational culture is same as organizational climate
a) Strongly disagree b) disagree c) neither agree nor disagree d) agree e) strongly agree
5) Is organizational climate subset of organizational culture?
a) Yes b) no
6) organizational culture
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a) Founder b) employees c) customers d) client e) all the above f) others (please specify) 8) Positive organizational culture increases productivity of the organization
a) Strongly disagree b) disagree c) neither agree nor disagree d) agree e) strongly agree 9) Organizational culture can be
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