Organizational Culture And Commitment Essay

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This research was carried out to study the effects of organization culture on employee’s commitment in the service sector. Organization culture had a significant direct and positive effect on Organizational commitment. When employees are satisfied they are most often also committed to the organization.
Organizational commitment has a big influence on the success of an organization and is highly valued. Human resources are said to be the greatest asset of an organization. That being the case than the commitment of human resources should be seen as the organizations competitive advantage. To sustain that competitive advantage, organizations need to develop a relationship with their employees. Nowadays the attitude of remaining with one employer has decreased and cut backs are a frequent event. Employees with a higher level of job satisfaction are less likely to be absent or to leave.
From the above study, it can be deduced that organization culture has a great influence on employee’s commitment. This is due to the fact that that employees have a strong preference with working environment which are innovative, creative, and not dependent on macro-management and adherence with fellow colleagues.
Management need to maintain conducting the “one-to-one” with their staff they manage directly to mutually set achievable work goals as well as
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culture and commitment should be developed in an environment where leaders work to enlist people’s hearts, providing an image that is inherently qualitative and which may be best understood using qualitative methods. For example, it would be interesting and useful to conduct structured interviews with study participants to better understand their perceptions about their level of cultural perception and commitment to their organizations. This kind of research may lead to the discovery of additional precursors of
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