The Influence Of Organizational Culture In The Workplace

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Introduction Organizational culture comprised of values, beliefs and ethics which motivate the employees to communicate with people. The main stability and outcomes of people based on organizational culture. The employees are expected to adopt these assumptions and innovation for precise their attitude and behavior according to the best alternative orientation. In every organization there is a positive environmental factors and some negative factors as will for example every employee in a organization not performing well due to some behavioral factors and lack of organizational commitment. The behavior of employees at workplace changes at certain level and the spiritual attachment like the desire to connect with other peoples and fairness, orientation at workplace. Every organization provides opportunities to their workforce for shaping their behavior and adopting core values. There are several characteristics on the basis of which organization achieve their goal and keep high concentration on job description of each employee, which assured strong commitment for the satisfaction of their management. According to this practice the employees of organization think about the past experiences and the present situations. These…show more content…
During this process of familiarization, the employee learns whether he/she can adjust him/herself with the organizational culture or not. It means that every organization is a learning environment. It is proper understanding of the culture and the cultural norms, ethics, and other artifacts that generates or degenerates performance of the employees. The organizational culture will affect the level or degree of accomplishment up to which a task is carried. The culture of an organization should be improved in order to improve the employees’ level of
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