Organizational Culture Of Starbucks

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According to an article from Panmore Institute (2015) Starbucks has an organizational culture that relates with the company’s strategies for successful brand development and global expansion. Starbucks Coffee’s organizational culture has a number of key characteristics. The combination of these characteristics is unique to the company. The company describes its organizational culture as a culture of belonging, inclusion and diversity. In this regard, the main features of Starbucks’ organizational culture are servant leadership (“employees first”); relationship-driven approach; collaboration and communication; openness; and inclusion and diversity. Servant Leadership. Starbucks has a servant leadership approach, which significantly characterizes the company’s organizational culture. In this approach, leaders, managers and supervisors emphasize support for subordinates to ensure that everyone grows in the company. This feature of Starbucks’ organizational culture translates to the employees-first approach. The company highlights the importance of caring for employees. Former Starbucks President Howard Behar developed this feature of the firm’s organizational culture because he believed that employees who are cared for are the ones who care about customers. Relationship-driven Approach. Starbucks also has an organizational culture that supports warm and friendly relationships. For instance, at Starbucks cafés, baristas exhibit warm friendly bonds with each other. This feature

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