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The culture, leadership style and performance of an organization are all inter – related elements(Schmid, 2011).Various researchershave explored the relationbetween organizational performance and leadership style.The examination between the relation ofsituational variables, effectiveness of leader and personal traits has proved that organizations will never succeed, if any of theseelements goes missing.These studies also stated the fact thatthe performance and leadership style of an organizationis directly proportion to each other. However, the relation between these two elementsalso has a chief intermediary, whichplays its role asa title of “organizational culture”(Rogers, 2012).Moreover, studies along the period of 1970s and 1980s have again…show more content…
Motivating cultural behavior within an organization builds up binding within the employees of an organization, which automatically makes them put in their efforts in a boosted up manner. This forms teamwork within the organization, which is a massive positive element to beachieved by any firm within the industry. Moreover, good culture within an organization will also ensure that relations within the employees are strengthened, which will automatically increase productivity of each of these employees. Delegates endeavor their level best to perform better than their related workers and win affirmation and vitality about the supervisors.Moreover, good and constructiveorganizational culture will also raise the reputation of the organization within the industry, which will help the management to build a brand value of the firm. Therefore, it can be quiet reasonablycommented that the organizational culture of an organization plays a huge role of significancein successachieving within the industry(Dunkerley, 2012). The work culture unites the employees of the organization who are generally from distinctivefamilies,backgrounds and have shifted dispositions and mindsets. However, implementation of diversity in work force of an organization has made various types of peoples work together.This at times hasalso increased responsibilities of the leaders of the organization.Such a society urges the representatives to be reliable which in the long- run advantages them over the long haul. It is the way of life of the association, which makes the people a fruitful expert.However, various scholars have also confirmed the fact that maintaining the culture

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