Taking A Look At Argyris Adult Learning Theory

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However, it is not enough that organizations creating a competitive advantage only depend on sharing knowledge among employees, organizations also should be focused on learning. At present, organizational learning has already a source of competitive advantage (Moingeon and Edmondson, 1996). The central theme of organizational learning is knowledge, so organizational learning is concerned with the strategies and processes of identifying, capturing and leveraging such knowledge to enhance competitiveness (Pemberton, Stonehouse and Yarrow, 2001). In other words, organizations want to learn more and quickly than their competitors to establish a competitive advantage. For learning, there are three types of learning which were proposed by Argyris…show more content…
Adult learning theory is such an important theory that organizations should consider. “Knowles’s theory of andragogy is a constructivist approach to learning that involves facilitating adults to draw on their experience and so create new learning based on previous understandings” (Cox, 2015). Under his theory, there are six assumptions of adult learners, including the need to know, learner’s self-concept, role of the learner’s experience, readiness to learn, orientation to learning and motivation. Adult learning really helps organizations to understand and focus on adult learner, because adults as employees in organizations are totally different with students learning. Compares with students, adult learners dissatisfied with formal learning environments, the learning theory which assume ‘learners only need to know that they must learn what the teacher teaches’ cannot used for adults (Halpern and Tucker, 2015). However, organizations also should know adult learning theory still have issues. Although six assumptions are the basics, it doesn’t cover all characteristics of adult learners. In addition, this theory also cannot directly used in organizations (Halpern and Tucker, 2015). In spite of some issues do really exist, adult learning theory as a guideline is very useful when designing a suitable activities for employees and also ensure their
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