Organizational Management And Leadership: A Christian Perspective

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Definition According to Organizational Management and Leadership: A Christian Perspective by Anita Saterlee, research done by J.M Burns indicated that transactional leaders lead by understanding the underlying principles of management and then applying those principles in the workplace. Transactional Leaders will guide followers to achieve organizational goals, guide and motivate their followers in the direction of established goals by clarifying roles and task requirements, and define the purpose of the organizations’ existence to followers and then provide them with the plans and means to attain goals (2013, p. 5) Summary This article was published through the Canadian Center of Science and Education. A research study was conducted in an effort to examine the correlation between job performance and leadership styles among educational leaders in…show more content…
The first is the “contingent reward behavior”. This type of behavior is one that displays positive feedback from the supervisor and the other is “management by exception and contingent punishment by other individuals” where various types of undesirable negative feedback such as correction, criticism and/or other forms of punishment is managed by the leader depending on performance (Mahdinezhad et. al., 2013, p.31) Finally, when comparing transactional and transformational leadership, and all other leadership methods, scholars claim that no single style of leadership is more effective than the other and that leaders should take on the style of leadership that is appropriate for the environment in which they interact with their followers. The majority of the research on the leadership’s effects on performance as it relates to employee performance and leadership styles conveyed a positive correlation but made mention of the fact that no study has confirmed the nature of this relation or why and how leadership styles influence

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