Organizational Strategy In Disney

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Organizational Strategy within Disney Company This year at 16 June, Shanghai Disney Resort has finally come to the public. The program has been considered for at least one decade since 1999. Behind the company operations of this case, people can take a glance at how Disney made organizational changes and dig deeper about the administrative arrangements of the company over the past sixty decades. Since 1955, after the creation of the world’s first theme park at Los Angeles, Disney company has operated six theme parks worldwide. For some reasons, Shanghai Disneyland is clearly a unique exception from any other Disney resort. It is not the biggest one, Orlando Disney covers an area of 12 thousand hectares; neither the most popular destination, Los Angeles Disney park receives more than 20 million overseas tourists every year. So what makes Shanghai so special? The program was beset with difficulties and conflicts from the beginning. According to Miller, cultural factor is one type of factors that influence the conflict management and “organizational culture can influence the conflict resolution process.” (2013, p.171) Disney has its own strategy for adopting new environments: understand the circumstances, and act locally. As a strict company who made rigorous rules for corporate authority and property rights, it is apparently rare for Disney to water down their original stiff demand to one acceptable to both sides. During the negotiation with Shanghai
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