Amway And Yamaguchi Gumi: A Case Study

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Organizational structure —— Amway company and Yamaguchi Gumi As time goes, every corner of our life are filled by the organizational structure from the past to the future. Even the nature have a series of organizational structure for itself, like the food chain. So we have to admit that organizational structure is the unique and important part of this society. Every individual cannot survive or have a good life without organizational structure. Nonetheless each organizational structure is different, and the difference of every single detail will lead a totally disparity of the end. The criminal organization is totally different from a company, they have the different goals so that they you have difference…show more content…
Instance the Yamaguchi Gumi and Amway company. Yamaguchi Gumi: the income is $80 billion per year, number of members is around 40000 and is led by its six don. It is same with other criminal organization, Yamaguchi Gumi works on extortion,gambling, gunruning, prostitution, drug trafficking and loan-sharking. For Amway company,the revenue is $11.8 billion in 2013 . Besides, the Amway company was ranked NO.25 among the largest private companies in the U.S in 2012. although they both have a tremendous number of the member, they have the totally different organizational structure. We can be easy to see the different from their work-belief. For Amway company, the belief is freedom, family, hope and award. This is why Amway company works on management of health and offers an environment and opportunity for everyone to succeed. Nevertheless for Yamaguchi Gumi, they believe in the money and benefit, which means they ignore the laws and orders in order to get the

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