Pulsano Pizzeria Case Study

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As shown in the organizational structure of Pulsano Pizzeria, the company hierarchy is well established and each member of the staff has to follow it rigorously. To begin, Mr. Jabar Zafar possesses several attributes beside the owner of the company. He must also manage it and take the orders by telephone or by direct order. As duties, financial situation and the supply task are only completed by the manager. Moreover, the manner in which those operations must be completed represent a great responsibility because of the very reason that one a mistake is done it can completely influence the future progress of Pulsano Pizzeria. Essentially, experience and knowledge in management is required from a manager in order to succeed, but direct implication…show more content…
The purpose of this action entails a more accurate method to find the right employee. Importantly, if serious reasons to reject an applicant are found they should be transmitted to that person. Furthermore, the right to contest this decision is always given to applicants. This can only be possible as long as motives are found by the third party. On the other hand, the efficiency of this strategy can be questioned. This happens because in some cases, managers tend to conduct this action by themselves. During this research, irrelevant information rare found such as religious beliefs, race, sexual orientation, disabilities and so forth. Moreover, this kind of information cannot be even used during an interview and it is not a sufficient argument for rejecting an applicant. People are mostly aware of this firms` policy to check for background information using Facebook. As a result they might even remove any compromising information about themselves or their past jobs. Nonetheless, compromising information can be posted by other people on the applicant`s profile. This can damage personal image of that person leading to a certain rejection from a company even though is possible to be
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