Taco Boyz Organizational Analysis

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Organization Structure “Organizational structure refers to the way that an organization arranges people and jobs so that its work can be performed, and its goals can be met.” Taco Boyz’ owner has worked to create a mission, values, vision, objectives and clear strategies in order to determine the direction that the business will be using to establish their organizational structure. In order to decide upon the missions and strategies, Taco Boyz has enforced their principles, policies, and goals on their employees within the organization in order for the company to run successfully. The shared values at Taco Boyz are a direct reflection of their organizational culture, displaying that all employees are working together efficiently to achieve…show more content…
“The employees ' responsibilities are defined by what they do, whom they report to, and for managers, who report to them, and it continues throughout this organization.” Functional Departmentalization is a perfect example of the process in which Taco Boyz works. Taco Boyz needs their employees to perform certain jobs in order to maintain the success of the production line; the initial order of produce and product, the order of the food by the customer, etc. All of these steps in the process of selling their food needs to be taken in order for the chain of command to be functional. This method of departmentalizing is a tactical and successful approach with regards to efficiency, crucial in any food service business. With specific tasks, roles and responsibilities and a division of labor, Taco Boyz works toward continual growth and a marketable perspective in order to attain their organizational goals. With Taco Boyz being a business of a smaller size, the formality of it changes offering substantially more frequent face-to-face interaction with the majority of employees. However, the professionalism continues to be consistent. Taco Boyz, being a new and original company, has…show more content…
There are currently minimal marketing strategies being used on consumers. Marketing strategies that are lacking include incentives to go to the restaurant and poor information on their catering services. These strategies and more are potential improvements that could give Taco Boyz more business. With the introduction of marketing, Taco Boyz would be creating that market of catering Mexican food within PEI. Through advertising, promoting and developing this up and coming business, marketing will produce the growth and success within this competitive market, when done correctly. The marketing strategy will cover a number of different and interrelated functions and activities such as manufacturing, operations, research, financing, personnel and commercialization. “Marketing is the activity of developing a formal game plan for meeting company sales and profit
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