Tesco: Organisation-Based Group Analysis

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Organisation-based group Project. Individual Component
The organization chosen for this individual assignment is Tesco Stores which is a multinational company that can be found in several countries around the world, from the United Kingdom, where was firstly established, to China. Tesco is a well-known retail sales company and that in the last years, became the fifth largest retailer in the world measured by profits in 2014 (Deloitte, 2014). Although Tesco is mainly known for grocery stores, this company has opened 6,809 stores that also deliver other services like banking or tech support which has as result an operating profit of £1,017m (Tesco PLC, 2018). But Tesco performs other services that are not related to these core services like for
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There are different resources that can be found on different web sites from the internet, such as the own Tesco web page. In different section of the own Tesco web page can be found a baste range of information of how Tesco works nowadays and during all its history, some fact about the organizational structure and several useful data for this project. Also, there are some academics works that shows some information and analysing Tesco organizational structure and other customer oriented companies, which could be used in the group project to understand, knowing better and compere Tesco with other retail companies that compete with it. Some of this academic works are Mukerjee, K. (2013). Customer‐oriented organizations: a framework for innovation. Journal of Business Strategy, 49-56 or Mutch, A. (2009). Technology, Organization, and Structure—A Morphogenetic Approach. Organization Science, 507 - 520. Furthermore, in some web sites can be found articles and reports analysing how Tesco organizational structure can be described, how it works and Tesco organizational culture, one example of them is Dudovskiy, J. (2016, May 18). Tesco Organizational Structure. Retrieved from Research Methodology:…show more content…
Besides, Tesco has opened stores all around the word and can be found in different cities of countries in the five continents, therefore this company has to face different challenges, such different legislation policies related with the customer services and the cultures and traditions that probably have all customers of each country. Opening a retail store in the United Kingdom is different from opening one in Ireland and of course, is totally different from opening one in India. For these reason, every organization has to make changes in his organizational structure and to teach the culture that they want to show to the customer to its workers, and Tesco is not an exception. Some of the information of how Tesco deals with all these issues can be found in the different resources that have been mentioned

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