Organizational Structure: The Relationship Between Structure And Culture

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Organizational structure has long been as a mechanism through the coordination and control of activities(Child, 1977; Weber, 1946; Burns & Stalker, 1961; Mintzberg, 1979), and the style of management. on the other hand the management of organizational culture, has more recently been described as a mechanism that directs behavior through shared values, norms, and goals (Pfeffer, 1981; Louis 1985; Schein, 1985; Weick, 1987; Denison, 1990; Chatman & Jehn, 1994).there are different types of structure ,functional ,product, and service , and geography structure.
In this essay first will define the organizational structure and discuss some problems and challenges of keeping businesses structure less . second, will explain the meaning of formal and informal structure and some advantages of formal business structure and will end the essay with the definition of the organizational culture and will discuss the relationship between structure and culture in organization .

Body organization structure consist a group of people who together work to achieve a common goal. In order to work together efficiently, the group must find the best way to organize the work that needs to be done in order to meet the goals of the organization. Organizational structure defines how tasks are divided, grouped, and coordinated in organizations. Every organization has a structure that clarifies the roles that organizational members perform, so that everyone understands their

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