Organized Crime And Deviance Essay

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Deviance has many functions in society. Although deviance violates social norms, without it, we would not have rules, so it helps form, guide, and shape society’s norms and goals. Social norms are different from culture to culture. Norms that may be acceptable in one culture may be frowned upon in another. Emile Durkheim quotes that “deviance and deviant behavior is an integral part of all healthy societies (Adler, 2014, p74).” The Mafia and organized crime would be an example of deviance in society. Differential Association Theory and Social Structure sheds light on how individuals learn to become criminals, the conditions in social structures that lead to deviant behavior, and how both are similar. Members of the Mafia are influenced by their own set of norms and beliefs in their culture. Both, Differential Association Theory and Social Structure, are essential for a complete understanding of deviant behavior and why organized crime exists. The interaction between individuals in society develops attitudes, characteristics, behavior, and perceptions that may become beneficial to that specific group or organization. Social structures can cause deviant behavior that, in…show more content…
The Mafia, a subculture, was an organized crime group that consisted of criminals committing illegal activities for power, influence, financial gain, and property. They protected their activities by using corruption, exploitation, and violence. Committing crimes became a way to protect their society and families. The behavior displayed by this criminal organization undoubtedly resulted in criminal mentality. In my opinion, since committing a crime is a personal choice, differential association theory may fail at accurately explaining crime. Although individuals socialize with criminals, it doesn’t always imply that they will commit a

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