Organized Crime Policy Paper

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According to Steffensmeier, organized crime is one of the fields that are very difficult to evaluate, conduct research on, and develop policy recommendations. An organization called RICO (Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) are aimed at organized crime but they do not define organized crime, instead they address “racketeering.” The key elements of organized crime are those involved in associate for the purpose of engaging in criminal activity on a sustained basis, they engage in enterprise crime by illegally providing goods or services, these activities require a fair amount of cooperation and organization. In addition, to size and degree of formal structure, criminal organizations can be identified and compared relative to their scope of criminal activities. Many of the groups specialize in prostitution and drugs, when other groups range from gambling, extortion, drug trafficking and other financial scams. Criminal organizations, in other words network, vary in terms of their geographic scope – local, national or transnational. Although criminal activities of criminal organizations are not constrained by national borders, they are…show more content…
They are a group that have a pyramid structure like legal businesses, but they also cause chaos (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) (2016). In addition, organized crime threatens peace and human security, violates human rights and undermines economic, social, cultural, political and civil development of societies around the world. Organized crime has diversified, gone global and reached macro-economic proportions. Although they care for the safety of their own family and make sure that they are fine, by protecting them in any manner they can, they do have any regard on who they are hurting in the process in achieving their illegal monetary
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