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After World War I, the United States decided to isolate themselves from European affairs, and focus on domestic tranquility instead. There was a divide between the nation on the My group discussed that the government was mostly focused on the stabilization of the economy, instead of focusing on the lives of their civilians. They created tax cuts on the agricultural industry, and tariffs on imported goods, that they believed were going to benefit the economy. The government created a prohibition, sparking the start of organized crime. Therefore, we believe that the United States had good intentions but overall backfired and actually hurt US citizens. I agree with my group because, the United States did act with the best intentions, but those acts overall, blew up in their face, and created an endless amount of debt for their civilians. Tax cuts on the agricultural industry put farmers hopelessly in debt. It did not help that the President at the…show more content…
My group discussed that prohibition overall, hurt the economy. Yes, the government wanted to ensure the safety of their citizens, but the shutdown of the fifth largest industry in the United States weakened the economy and created a larger flow of organized crime in towns and cities. Prohibition was a split argument. Women often argued for the Prohibitin that men would get done from work and spend their income at the bar instead of their family, Others argued that the economy would take a large downfall, and it did. Organized crime began to come into play with the buying and selling of bootlegged alcohol. Gang violence increased because of this, creating havoc on the streets. Organized crime was one of the main factors of the total amount of deaths in the United States during the time period. Therefor, prohibition was the cause of organized crime and the economy did not prosper, especially after World War

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