Organizing A Food Pantry

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Organizing a food pantry or closet for an entire day absolutely applies to the role of a school social worker. One of our main priorities is making sure that the needs of our students are being met. I have seen firsthand how being hungry greatly affects a student and his or her performance in the classroom. Not having basic needs met affects concentration, attentive, and a child’s ability to perform his or her best. After considering how I feel when I am hungry, I cannot imagine how a child must feel after missing several meals. Establishing a rapport with children establishes that we care. Building relationships based on trust, love, and commitment makes a big difference especially in the lives of neediest children. It is our priority as individuals who are working with children in need, to send the message that we care. Organizing a pantry, so that a school is able to provide snacks and meals, is one of the best ways to ensure a necessity for students in need.…show more content…
Educators must also have their needs met in order to be effective. Classroom teachers are with their children for the entire school day so there is not always extra time to work on additional projects such as these. Taking the time to consider ways to help teachers and lessen the burden on their plate is important and

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