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Has it ever crossed your mind why does an orgasm feel so good? Well, in this Orgasm 101 post your question might be answered.
The human sexual response cycle has 4 phases: excitement, arousal, orgasm and resolution (where you probably dress and sneak out if you’re more of a one-night-stander, heh).
But let’s focus on orgasms and why they feel so good.
During sex, there’s a measurable activity decline in brain areas associated with behavioral control, anxiety, fear and judgement, paving the way for a stress-free good old time. So, during your sexy time, a very high amount of pleasure signals are being sent from the central nervous system to the brain, flooding it with dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical the body produces to make you feel good. Eventually, your body feels so good, that for men it leads to an overwhelming crescendo of intense pleasure which lasts up to 10 seconds. Now, a woman’s orgasm, on average, lasts 20 seconds, but can reach greater lengths. Unlike men, it’s been quite known that women can experience multiple orgasms.
During the above-mentioned sexual response cycle, you will be able to experience an intense flow of sexual energy inside your body, which is “released in rhythmic muscular contractions
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Orgasms are painkillers – during orgasms, the brain is flooded with endorphins, which are powerful painkillers – German neurologists conducted a study which pinpointed the fact that 60% of surveyed people reported their migraines pain level having decreased after an orgasm. And did you know about the less conventional ways of triggering the big O? The brain is able to retrain the nervous system to transfer orgasm trigger spots to different areas of the body, therefore you won’t particularly need your genital arousal to experience sexual

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