Advantages And Disadvantages Of Postcolonialism

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Postcolonialism is an academic discipline including methods of intellectual discourse that examine, explain, and reply to the cultural legacies of colonialism and imperialism, to the human values of guiding a country and establishing colonists for the economic abuse of the native people and their land. Postcolonialism seeks to contribute in the formation of truths, based on separate modes of sense and forms of knowledge that advance justice, peace and political pluralism. Moreover, postcolonialism questions and reinvents the modes of cultural perception—the ways of viewing and of being viewed. As anthropology, postcolonialism records human relations among the colonial nations and the subaltern peoples exploited by colonial rule. As critical…show more content…
The postcolonial devotion to identity and culture is the idea that they have their own vital features which are resistant to those of others. Contrarily proclaim ‘fixity’ for identity and ‘authenticity’ for culture postcolonialism takes their historical depictions for their legitimate uses in more fluid postcolonial contexts. Postcolonialism admits the potentials that are dangers and chances contained in these rapid transformations in identity and culture particularly with respect to historical western views of natives as the modern barbarians. To clarify these points let’s see Orientalism. According to Said, Orientalism is a technique of power centered in languages and method of translation of the identities, cultures, and religion of the Middle East. Orientalism shows cultural and political fights between imperial societies and colonial ones over fights over knowledge and power and their respective ends. Furthermore, discourse on terrorism have found an easy entry point into three tenets of Orientalism, such as; the existence of separate, unequal, and hierarchical spheres of civilizations, the need to maintain the boundaries between them by defending Western civilizational goods or values against corrupt ones without and for the Orient, and the necessity for moderate Arabs or secular Arab groups to join in the west in introducing

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