North Africa Imperialism

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Orientalism and the study of the Middle East and North Africa The Middle East is a term called by the westerns . They called the area between the East and The West the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) . The Westerns tried over years to study the orient and to show how the people in the Middle Eastern countries a very primitive live and they do not have civilization. also they westerns tried to influence the Middle East and North Africa to spread their culture and achieve their imperialistic goals . Also they tried to show that Muslims who live in the Middle East are terrorists . this paper will answer the question what is the relevance between the…show more content…
The purpose of this paper is to show the reasons why the Westerns studied the Middle East . this paper will argue that Westerns tried to achieve their imperialistic goals in the Middle east through orientalism, as they exploited Iraq' s oil and invaded it in 2003 claiming that Saddam is a dictator and he is using mass destruction weapons . This paper will use a qualitative data , such as , academic articles and journals. This paper will be divided into three parts . the first part will discuss the ways that the westerns use to present the Middle East ,like, the pop culture , policy making and the academia . The second part will discuss the case study of Iraq invasion in 2003 to show that the main…show more content…
for making a propaganda for Iraq war in 2003 , the media was directed to present specific information about Iraq . They presented in the TV shows that there is terrorism in Iraq and that is very dangerous for the U.S and the people around the world . (Kumar, 2006). After the attacks , the policy-makers in the U.S claimed announced that they should fight terrorism and Jihad in Iraq .also they said that they want to stop using mass destruction weapons in Iraq ,which used by Saddam Hussein and they should defeat the Qaida which threaten the world. Actually the main reason for the U.S to invade Iraq was its oil. other researchers said that Iraq invasion was part of Bush' Agenda to establish American empire in the Middle east and to change the politics in the region to their favor (Tunc , 2005). The U.S forces invaded Iraq in 2003 to achieve their imperialistic goals . when the American troops entered , the number of death became very high and it increased rapidly within one year from 2003 to 2004 . the terrorism spread in the whole country. the American companies came to exploit the oil and the American forces executed Saddam Hussein in 2007 (Cogan,2006). All what happened in

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