Orientalism Postmoderisation And Globalisation Summary

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Orientalism, Postmodernisation and Globalisation
Bryan Turner
Book Review
A professor of sociology and Dean of the Faculty of Arts at Deakin University, Australia, Bryan Turner attempts in this book to combine some popular themes that various philosophers and researchers of different disciplines have introduced. The book is the compilation of different lectures, conference papers and articles which Brain S Turner gave, presented and wrote. While doing so, he has tried to investigate the current debate about the relationship between Orientalism, Post Modernism and the process of Globalization. Himself being a sociologist, he takes a critical view of the role of sociology in understanding the interconnectedness of Orientalism, Postmodernism and Globalisation. While building his thesis, he criticizes many famous names in Classical Orientalism, who according to him were not able to clarify their work profoundly. Moreover, as he takes Islamic world as a case study to investigate the relationship between above three discussed themes, his book also help in understanding the impact of Globalization on Islam. The holistic approach of the writer through which he examines the relationship between aforementioned themes with sociological, cultural, political and religious lens makes the book more interesting and informative. As this book consists of a series of academic open essays divided into 5 different sections, I will attempt to review it section wise.
In the first section of

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