Origen's Allegorical Methods

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Origen practiced the allegorizing methods in biblical interpretation. He was the father of this method. Philo was his master in this practice, who was an Alexandrian Jew contemporary to Jesus Christ. Allegorizing method was a fashion of Alexandria. Origen used this method in New Testament. Celsus, the unbeliever objects it and stated that New Testament had not allowed the allegorizing. He refused this. And offer argument that several passages of New Testament, of which paid used allegorical method. Prophecy stated that Origen learned it from the Greek mysteries. Exegesis and preaching were united from the Origen period throughout the history. One hundred and seventy five homilies were preserved, of which most of the sermons from Old Testament. Origen was ordained on A.D. 230. He had long been a preacher. He did the teaching ministry prior to the ordained ministry. In his sermon, the catechetical element was appeared. He interpreted the text as verse by verse. He ends his sermon with a final doxology.…show more content…
Origen learned the allegorical method of interpretation from these philosophical schools. He transferred this method into the Jewish scripture. Paul also used the allegorical method of interpretation relating in the Mount Sinai.
Motivation for allegory was the stoic tradition and the other is the dominant position of the Old Testament. In the allegorical interpretation, the preaching text was given a little nourishment for the meditation. The literal and the moral content had been become unworthy of their real

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