Origin Of Ayurveda

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History and Origin of Ayurveda
The word Ayurveda comes from the word ayur which means life and Veda that is to know. Popularly known as the science of life. Ayurveda is a medical system practiced in India, Nepal and Srilanka. Ayurveda has its origin since 5000 years in India. It is a part of spiritual tradition of the Santana dharma (universal religion) or Vedic dharma of India. Ayurveda focus on healthy living than treatment of diseases. The initial concept of Ayurveda was put up in writing for future reference was by vedavyasa, the famous sage and shaktavesha avatar of Vishnu. There are 8 disciplines of Ayurveda treatment called ashtangas;
1. Kaya chikitsa (internal medicine)
2. Shalya tantra (surgery)
3. Bhuta vidya (psychiatry)
4. Shalakya
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preventive medicine and social medicine

The main objective of Ayurveda medicine is to help a fit person to continue good health
And to help a sick person to recover good health. The reason Ayurveda was designed was to support a human happiness with physical mental and spiritual level.

Disease can be reduced if there is proper balance of all vital energies in body .this can be done through proper food, living habits and even through herbal remedies.

There are many universities in India which provide formal education in Ayurveda.in order to get education in modern science, students join these courses. But as it is not able to understand the basis methods of Ayurveda because since there is no method to experiment validation of these methods. According to few of the medical knowledge which seems to accept the basic knowledge of Ayurveda they have realized there importance of body rhythms in disease .they also came to know that there are few drugs which act as a double edge weapons to these diseases.
These are through the knowledge gained in recent realization during past 5 decades.

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Europe and America gained popularity in best massage or therapy. In some India’s neighboring country of India like Srilanka.

In Nepal and Bangladesh: Here Ayurveda has a better status as a patchy. Different countries have been classified into various category
First category comes Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.
Here system is practiced with recognition from government.
In the second category comes
Countries like Argentina, Australia, Brazil,
Germany, Hungary, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Arab countries like UAE, Oman etc. here there is an increasing awareness about Ayurveda.
In Mauritius, an Ayurveda clinic is successfully running with the Government Recognition. The Government sends
Students to India to learn Ayurveda. The people
Started becoming more awareness of the system in the recent past.

Sultanate of Oman

The Sultan of Oman was treated by an Ayurvedic Doctor and he was so overwhelmed that he has recognized the system of Ayurveda medicine.
And he has given approval to the system, acceptance of medicine
Test for qualified Ayurveda Doctors to practice in the Sultanate of Oman.
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