Origin Of Christianity Research Paper

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Origins of Christianity


The world was at a dismay with poverty, suffering and political corruption. The people of the world believed that the end would come soon and God was to intervene. Jesus of Nazareth was born and grew up as a Jewish prophet. He began gaining followers and appointed disciples to go about and spread his teachings. The Roman’s did not see Jesus as a prophet but rather he seen as a threat. They had Jesus crucified and died on a Friday but then rose from the dead on Sunday. This helped solidify Jesus’ identity as the son of God. Over the next couple hundreds of years. Christianity spread throughout the world.

Origins of Islam

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Abraham, one of God’s most important messengers and most loyal followers, set out on a journey with his son Ishmael to build the Kaaba. Muhammad, the last of God’s messengers, received a call by God to be his messenger on the Night of Power. This is when the beginnings of the Qur'an were told to Muhammad and would continue being told for the next 23 years afterwards. This laid down the foundations of Islam as we know it …show more content…

He is Charlemagne's nephew and right-hand man, and he has conquered vast lands for him. Roland is so important to Charlemagne that Ganelon, Roland’s stepfather, tells the Saracens that Charlemagne will lose the will to fight if Roland dies. He sees the war against Islam as being a question of religious obligation. He is bold, acts out of impulse instead of wisdom which then causes the deaths of twenty thousand men, among whom are the very dearest of his friends because he decided not to blow the oliphant early in the battle at Rencesvals. His death scene is one of the most powerful and memorable scenes in French literature, and his soul is escorted to heaven by saints and angels.

King Charlemagne: King of all of the Franks who defended Christendom and expanded its borders. He is a larger than life, hale warrior who is 200+ years of age. He battles against paganism with great force and passion. At times in the poem, Charlemagne is a combination of incredible majesty and touching vulnerability. He is arguably the most developed character of the poem, a man of unflagging faith and loyalty who nonetheless is weary of war and

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