Origin Of Cinema In India

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What is Cinema Cinema is a visual medium that tells stories and exposes reality. Cinema has been a great source to create awareness among people regarding social issues. When positively used it can be so powerful to encourage and appreciate people. Science and technology may also be encouraged by making movies on the topics of science and research. Origin of cinema in Sub-continent: The first ever film made in sub-continent was Raja Harishchandra which was released in Coronation theaters, Bombay for people on May 3, 1913. This super hit movie was story of a Raja who left his wife, family and country to follow right and after great struggles get success. This movie had no actresses. All the female roles were also performed by male actors. Such types of movies were actually bringing the true spirit of love, honesty and devotion. The first female introduced in the world of cinema was Kamla Bai Gokhle who played the role of male in film Mohini Bhasmasur (1913). Her brave character and role in the film urged other girls of the country to move forward and show their talent. Till 1920, it was a time for silent movies which were being watched throughout the country. Initially silent movies were based on only Hindu Religious Concepts of their goddess, but later Lela Majoon Lok story was filmed and other social…show more content…
India is a big country with the size of roughly estimated as equal to Western Europe and population equals to four times of Western Europe. This much population of the country is followed by appreciation and expectation from large number of people making them world's biggest film audience. In 90s, India was declared as the country with largest number of feature films per year (800 – 1000) with almost 3 billion audience. Characterizing Indian cinema in four types will result as Popular Hindi Cinema, Regional Cinemas, Art or Specialized Cinema and finally Diaspora

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