Origin Of Feudalism

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Feudalism is an economic concept, in which we discuss feudal relations with the state and society. It is consider as an activity of power rule and economic dominancy by the ruling class in the society. Therefore, feudalism used as an activity of power which has great impact on socio-economic and political institutions of the society. Feudalism in the developed countries are replaced by capitalism. The word feudalism is mainly used in the agrarian system. Many scholars as MARC BLOCH, LOIUS and so on interpret the term feudalism and the origin of feudalism in their own ways (www.huntingtonpost.com). The term feudal has been derived from Latin word “Feodum”. According to MARC BLOCH (1939) “ feudalism includes not only the obligations of the warrior…show more content…
In the colonial region, the major source of income was land revenue and bristish authorities adopted different method to increase the revenue for the stability of their economy. In 19th century british rulers again introduced a reform in land revenue. In the alienation of 1900 it was disallowed to urban people to purchase rural property. Thus, it can say that the colonial power took safe measure for the projection of aristocracy. so gradually jagirdars got their monopolize position and took socio-political and influence upon local people. So in subcontinent there were also exists feudalism which come with british arrival. The era end up with lot of feudal lords…show more content…
The majority of member in national assembly come from agricultural background. Some of them are feudal lords. According to Imtaiz Gul “ these feudal lords are well connected in socio-political circles giving them a form of authoritarian power in the government” (www.pakistantoday.com.pk). Feudalism impacts on political & economic institutions: The growth of feudalism is mostly rooted in political sphere. The political & administrative agencies of Pakistan are totally controlled at the higher stratum by feudal lords. The feudal lords occupy positions as political executives and it can cause political instability in country. Due to unfair attitude towards poor people it can cause political crisis. Poor law and illetracy among rural people are caused by these feudal lords and are the main hurdles in the progress of Pakistan (www.samma.tv). The rural development, poverty alleviation and human development programs have failed to take significant impact because of the dominant ruling class which badly affects the economy of the country (www.samma.tv). How feudalism weakens democracy of

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