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I. When we think about the Vikings, all we can imagine are strong bloodthirsty warriors with long blond beards and horned helmets. A. The origin of the Vikings is from Northern Europe. 1. Vikings originated from the Scandinavian lands currently known as: Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland. 2. The Viking warriors were male and female Norsemen living between 850 and 1100. B. The mission of the Vikings was to seek wealth in England and France. 1. Fleeing the cold Scandinavian lands to find harvest lands for the harsh winters. 2. Taking Christians fortunes, owning lands and killing the monotheist believers.According to Hygblad, british monk, in De clade Lindisfarnensis monasterii, "On the destruction of the monastery of Lindisfarne"…show more content…
A. Genetic studies conducted by professor David Goldstein at the University of London matched the DNA of 2500 modern Britains to that of the Scandinavians. 1. People who live in North England have more genetics resemblance to Vikings than the rest of Britain. 2. People were more delighted to know if they were descendants of Vikings even though the Vikings were their british ancestors enemies. 3. Norwegian Vikings found more interest in conquering Ireland than the british land. CONCLUSION I. The integration of the Vikings in wars, religion and inventions changed the course of history. A. Their expansion throughout Europe left many archeological evidence ,moreover their descendants live among us. B. Maybe a simple genetics test will determine if anyone of us is a Viking. Some found them the worst barbarians that lived, others consider them the greatest warriors of all time. C. The expansion of Christianity in Europe is the main reason for the ending of the Vikings

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