Origins Of Neoclassical Architecture

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The start of Neoclassical Architecture was that Neoclassical movement began in the mid 18th century. It was the reaction of Rococo style, it pure mainly from the ancient Greek architecture and Italian Palladian architecture. Neoclassicism is a kind of feeling to back of the “pure” of Greek and Roman art. In some European buildings, in the 18th century have some anti-Rococo tendency. It is vividly embodied in the palado – style architecture of Britain and Ireland of the king George’s day, but it can found in the late baroque architecture At first, Neoclassical Architecture in Pairs, first through the college DE France in Rome training a generation of French art student, it have also been Charles Lewis, especially exists in and the influence…show more content…
In socially, nowadays, the high-end residential consumer, their age, experience, wealth, are all go through the part of vanity. So Neoclassical style, Neoclassical architecture are more classical, more elegant, more solemn, more humanity for them, that’s what they really want, what they are looking for, in China now, Neoclassical style are more poplar to the high-end people, their house interior are all like that. Generally there are two types, one was abstract Neoclassical, one was compromise Neoclassical, ( ), abstract was make the sign or the element assimilate into building, other one was to make the building more meticulous, more elegant, make more detail in design, its not copying, its using strong color, element and history to decorate…show more content…
It has a distinctive Realistic tendencies, therefore, neoclassical also known as revolutionary classicism, its outstanding representative is

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