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Orissa Ethnic Tour - Let’s explore the ethnicity of the Tribes Orissa which is also known as Odisha is renowned for its beautiful culture and ethnicity. Orissa has urban and rural topographies that also includes tribes of various groups spread all over the state. The tribes still follow the medieval cultures and have set their own standards of living. There are many tribes inhabiting in Orissa that includes Didayis, the Bondas of Koraput and Phulbani (also known as Khondhs of Kadhmal). The tribes has been carrying the vibrant culture, practices and ethnicity that wraps the beautiful Odisha in its palm. The tours the ethnic culture of Orissa makes you visit all the places that are rich in culture, heritage and ethnicity. It also includes…show more content…
• Day 2: Puri Day two will begin with a drive to Puri, which is the amazing city that is full of heritage and culture. On the way you will be visiting Pipli, which is known for its artisans and applique handicrafts. From Pipli, the journey will continue to Raghurajpur which is again famous for its amazing paintings and fines artworks by the world famous artisans. The place is also known for its Gotipua dance troupes which is a treat to watch. Finally you will be visiting the Sun temple at Konark, which is one of the UNESCO world heritage site. It’s a very old and most beautiful temple in India and attracts many tourists every day. The wheels of the temples are actually the sun dials which were used to calculate the accurate time. It’s an amazing architectural beauty. After the visit, you will be staying in Puri overnight.
• Day 3:
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The tattoos are geometrically designed which have been a traditional practice. You can chat and interact with the people and its culture. The overnight stay will be in the Bataguda Eco Camps, which has pyramid structured cottages and amazing scenic beauty.
• Day 4: Bataguda – Rayagada The day 4 will be a half day trekking in the territories of the Bataguda village where you will be able to enjoy a different world of tribal affairs with the vegetation. A further drive towards Rayagada which has beautiful meadows, vegetation, waterfalls and low valleys. The overnight stay will be amidst Rayagada.
• Day 5: Rayagada The early morning expedition will begin from the Dumkum weekly market of Desia Kondh Tribe. Desia Kondh tribes are mainly recognized because of their ample of body piercings specifically ears. These tribes are known for its handicrafts and arts. During the weekly market (Tuesday), the tribes come down from the hills and buy and sell their wares and products. The products are purely handmade and are so beautiful and unique. Thus, to maintain the authentic culture and originality, the government has banned photography in this

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