Excerpts From The Awakening Feminist Analysis

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Excerpts from the Awakening deals with the fact that even though women uphold expectations as wives and mothers, they still deserve the same amount of respect, freedom, and attention as men do. Throughout The Poisonwood Bible however, Orleanna is treated differently than how she should be treated. Similarly, in Excerpts from the Awakening, Mrs. Pontellier begins to realize her place in the world as a human being. Orleanna feels like she has failed as a mother, and she also feels as if there’s nothing that she can do to be a better wife. Orleanna hates her husband for making their family live like this. In Excerpts from the Awakening, Kate Chopin conveys that women deserve the same freedoms as men, so when Edna sets out to find her independence, much like Orleanna, who is tired of being treated poorly by her no good husband, it creates a connection between the stories. Orleanna appears to be a good mother who keeps her kids in check, and in line, for the most part. Her children aren’t too thrilled about being stuck in the Congo on their trip, but they all have to do what their father says. Orleanna obeys her husband Nathan during the beginning of the book because she is too afraid to step out of line because she knows how Nathan gets when he…show more content…
No one dares step up to him because they know that there will be consequences for their actions. Nathan believes that since he is the closest family member to God, that he is always right, and everyone must listen to him. Orleanna has learned her place from the beginning with Nathan. Ever since their relationship first began, Nathan has had the upper hand over Orleanna. She doesn’t speak up for herself when Nathan yells at her, and she doesn’t stick up for her children when Nathan yells at them either. Luckily, Orleanna finally decides to stick up for herself in the book because if not, she would’ve lived her whole life as a miserable slave to her
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