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Ornamental fishes are characterized by a wide diversity of color pattern which is keeping in aquaria to relive pressure on day to day materialistic life. The ornamental fish keeping is a popular hobby which is gradually replacing outdoor leisure activities and it is the second most hobbies after photography. According to psychiatrists, placing aquaria with ornamental fishes in the patient’s vicinity could treat certain types of mental disorders. Ornamental fish called as living jewels due to its colors pattern & natural beauty. Several ornamental fishes are yet to become popular. Most of the wetland ponds are covered with water. The local fisherman binds water hyacinth together in small…show more content…
Different groups of people have various likes and dislikes. Customers reliability cannot be taken for granted for trout fish as their taste for trout fish is not developed and secondly they have different varieties of fish alternatives relatively cheaper in cost offered in the market. Swati trout fish has recently arrived in local market in Swat and one outlet each in Islamabad and Lahore. The product is yet to be introduced at appropriate level in domestic high value market including supermarket, food streets, restaurants and hotels etc. Fishes are one of the most important groups of vertebrates which benefit human beings in many ways. These are more common and widely distributed almost in all parts of the world (Ravindranathan, 2003). About one thousand species of fishes are found in marine of Pakistan. Majority of these are safe to eat (Ahmed and Niazi,…show more content…
The reason may be that the fish by-products industry is not as much developed in Pakistan as in other countries. We have the big part of seaside of Arabian Sea at our clearance and different aspects of fish industries can be developed much more than what we have at present if attention is paid and efforts are made properly in the interest of the nation. We can achieve an excellent output. The fish by-product industry deals with the production of protein feeding stuffs and oils from the giving out of fish less suitable for direct human food. The manufactured products of this industry are fish meal, fish soluble, fish flour, fish silage, protein hydrolysis, hormones, including insulin, adrenalin and pituitary hormones, vitamin A and D, cholesterols and organic fertilizers (Bilqees 1985). Fish is an excellent food which is nutritionally the same to meat in protein, low in saturated fats and high in essential minerals. From the view point of fish as food, fish diseases are important for two main reasons (a) the number of fish available for consumption is reduced (b) the diseased fish may look unattractive, both conditions making them

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