Ornate Box Turtle Research Paper

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Ornate Box Turtles “Boxy”
Have you ever had a pet? Well there are many pets like cats and dogs. There are underwater pets and pets that can walk on the ground. Some pets are also very unique just like our pet. It walks on land. It has a hinged shell and it can have multiple patterns and colors on its shell, but it is quite slow. Did you guess yet?!!? It is an Ornate Box Turtle!
Our Ornate Box Turtle is named Boxy. Ornate Box Turtles are omnivorous reptiles that live in open grasslands and prairies in the west. In the wild, their diet can be berries, frogs, worms, etc. As a pet, their diet can be salad, earthworms, and crickets. A fun fact for these amazing creatures is that they can live over 100 years. Another fun fact is that when Box …show more content…

One of them is water. In the wild, they drink water from lakes and rivers. As a pet it gets water from the faucet which comes from the Middlesex Water Company. The company obtains groundwater from its wellfields in south plainfield and North and South edison. Groundwater comes from an underground source of water known as the Brunswick Aquifer. They also need oxygen which is exhaled by plants and trees. As a pet it gets oxygen the same way. It gets light energy from the sun as a pet and in the wild.

Some more fun facts are that Box Turtles can be dangerous to eat. At times they consume poisonous mushrooms and the toxins can go into their skin. Box Turtles are famous for their hinged shell which allows it to retract almost completely into their shell to hide from danger. This shell can also regenerate. A case was reported that a badly burned shell of a Box Turtle underwent complete regeneration. One of its physical features is its hard shell which it uses to protect itself. That’s all about our pet Ornate Box Turtle, Boxy.

Now you know a lot of things about Box Turtles. You know fun facts, physical features, basic needs and how they are met. We chose this topic because we thought a Box Turtle is an interesting and unique animal. We also found a great topic from a website with so much information on Box Turtles. This website told us a lot of fun facts. Hope you enjoyed our document and learned a lot from

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