Orphan House Reflection

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1. Focus of Reflection (a) Learning Experience I have been learned about how the life of orphan house Person-In-Charge situation was and how was the feeling of all the kids which as my group name definition as more love more hope. Our group has chosen Yayasan Sunbeams Home for the project activity. Our goals is to achieve about RM1500 funds donation as our targeted but the final total that we are collected is over 147% which is about RM3712. We split into few group for the project activity such as finding the unplugged band performance, research and purchase the most cheaply foods and needs, food & drink sponsor, and promote the fund activities to our friends and family. In Yayasan Sunbeams Home, we do cleaning and dusting their kitchen and…show more content…
As the result, this is helped me to learned and see who am I, why I’m here and how was my experiences while facing them. These also give an opportunity to me for my self-development such as communication skills, decision making, and money management and so on. (c) Summarize the present position I have experienced to orphan house children, how was their feeling while they stay in orphan house and without their family love. I’m feeling it while I was enter the orphan house, the worst part is the children. This leads to emotional problem which is lack of communication with society and lack of human love. This made me aware of the basic needs of human that are more love more hope to them. In conclusion, I have learned how important love is. (d) Outline how the experiences have influenced your outlook for the future This is not the exactly live what those children have; they are same like us, which needed more love from friends and family or even a stranger. I as a team member were successful collect fund donation which could help orphan house to change their (children) life whereby to bring a hope to them, and there still has people like us willing to helping them. I have planned donate my T-shirts to them and share their photo, video, and info what currently they are facing either in current or in the future. In conclusion, I have learned what is the charity, and
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