Orphan Train Chapter Summary

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In Orphan Train, the book is about the connection between 17-year-old Molly Ayer and 91-year-old Vivian Daly. The book bounces back and forth between modern day Maine and Minnesota 1929. Molly is a troubled foster child who was put in the system after her dad died in a car accident and her mother was a drug addict. Molly’s foster parents are Dina and Ralph Thibodeaus’. Ralph is kind, but doesn’t stand up to Dina. When Molly really wants a certain book; she steals it from her library, but gets caught. Her punishment is 50 community service hours. Her boyfriend suggests that he helps a senior citizen. Jack’s, her boyfriend, mother works for Vivian and gets her the job. As Vivian and Molly clean out the attic, memories come up. The story of Vivian’s
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