Orphan Train Analysis

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Orphan Train Orphan Train directed by William A. Graham was written by Millard Lampell and Dorothea G. Petrie. The film takes you back in time to the year 1854 when there was over 10,000 orphan and abandoned children in New York. During this time some of these children were traveling to the West on the orphan trains to find a family. Emma Symms the main character was played by Jill Eikenberry shows you how these kids are taken from New York to find a better life when she takes a group of orphans out West. The movie shows us these things as a fictionalized piece, however it is based on events that actually took place during this time. Emma Symms was caring and loving women that helped show us some of the hardships that orphan children had to face back in the 1850’s. Symms worked as a missionary with an older man named Mr. McGarrity played by Morgan Farley. Every once in a while these two missionary would provide a meal for the orphan children. At the beginning of the movie we are shown two orphan brothers collecting rats to sell the. The older brother is able to sell the rats but he only got…show more content…
As you watch the movie you get to see how realistic it really is. The people who design the outfits for the casts did such an excellent job. They made each and every person seem like they came from the past. Not only did their outfits fit the time period that they were trying to portray, but also their acting skills made it seem more like the time period. The set that was used also seemed like it fit the time period really well. They made everything look old in a way that made you feel like you are in the year 1854. They were able to show us how some people traveled back during 1854 in a way that made it seem that you were traveling with them. Not only did you feel like you were traveling with them, but when they stopped in a town you will be amazed at how people reacted to the
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