Orthodontics Personal Statement

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A strong passion and a need for perfection drive me to settle for nothing less than my personal best in my areas of interest and their accompanying hobbies. In all honestly, however, while I have held the view of dentistry, specifically orthodontics, as my future profession for nearly as long as I can remember, the untamable internal fire that motivates in other pursuits of interest was, for the majority of that time, absent with respect to orthodontics. Growing up with a medical doctor for a mom, a bias for the field of medicine has always been a part of me. Early trips to my orthodontist however, altered that “destine” career path in a small sense, as his generosity and his obvious genuine enjoyment with his job, convinced me that perhaps…show more content…
Thankfully, my lengthy preparations for a dental profession were not for naught though, as last year my internal flame for professional dentistry was truly alit by a local Omaha dentist. Shadowing Dr. Beninato, was shadowing experience unlike any other that I had previously witnessed. With preconceived notions and minor experience biasing me away from general dentistry, watching Dr. Beninato manipulate equipment and materials to artfully reconstruction entire sets of teeth utilizing full arch implantation supported bridges triggered a personal epiphany. There I sat watching a master of the dental art, whose occupation as a simple general dentist, unlike the restricted path of orthodontics, had enabled him to elect out of a large array of options, and become highly specialized in fields of interest uniquely his own. Additionally, complementing the ability to specialize, I would come to realize general dentistry possessed an equally important aspect that I adore, the joy and skill of working and building with ones hands, at a level woefully unmatched by the manual dexterity required of
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