Orthodontist Career Essay

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Orthodontist undergo treatments for the alignment and occlusion of teeth, including the use of braces. They focus on fixing jaws that aren't the same size or malformed, which results in an underbite. This is critical to fix due to the lower jaw, causing teeth to extend beyond the upper teeth. I chose this career due to relaxed working environment, so I won’t stress out and the reward of a high income. I don’t believe this career would fit me in today's standards, but I want a career that i’m still capable of doing once I grow old. Once hired, my nature of work would to begin examining the patient's teeth and tissue in the mouth. I will also provide instructions on diet, brushing, flossing, or other information that may benefit the patience.…show more content…
They always supply new packaging in order to avoid the spread of any germs. The only equipment that is sterilized are the critical instruments that are used to penetrate teeth or have contact with the bloodstream of a patient. I will work within a small group in a dental department and talk to my patients one to one. My personality fits my position due to my good social skills and would be able to explain things in a more creative way to kids who might not understand. Science, math, and verbal skills are an important role in the occupation due to the equipment used and communication with patients. Work will always take place inside to avoid many things, noise can be a disturbance when having important conversations. I would often examine my patient from a close range so it involves a lot of physical interactions. “Everything is clean and organized to avoid any physical hazards” (Links 8). Schedules differ depending on office hours from the company, most new workers still do full time which is 40 hours a week. An orthodontist may open or close their business early to adjust his schedule, but rarely fly around for work. Depending on who you work for, your schedule will differ, but if you own your own business, then it is your choice on how to use your
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