Orthodontist Career Paper

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There are many careers to choose from, especially from the medical field. I am interested in being an orthodontist, because i find it intriguing how they align crooked teeth, fix overbite and underbite or overcrowding. A orthodontist is a dentist who focuses on straightening crooked teeth and how jaws and teeth are aligned. Orthodontist usually work with kids that are over 10 years old. Orthodontist usually examine patients most of their day so it is essential that they have good communication skills and it's preferable that they have a good relationship with their patients since the patient has to be checked out every month. Orthodontist spend the day working in offices or clinics and exam rooms. In order to be an orthodontist you must complete 4
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To be admitted to Texas A & M Health Science Center: Baylor College Of Dentistry you need a 3.57 GPA, which is roughly the average of all dental schools. The orthodontology program at Texas A & M Health Science Center gets about 1,611 applications every year and admits about 104 students, which means that the acceptance rate is 6.5%. The yearly tuition of Texas A & M Health Science Center $25,310 USD for texas residents, students that aren't residents the tuition cost is $36,110 USD.
College is not cheap, and it is very important to have a plan ready on how you are planning to pay for college. My parents have a savings account opened with the purpose of paying for my college education and expenses. I will not only rely on my parents money, I am planning to do very well in school so i can we eligible for scholarships. I will also work and go to school to cover some of my college expenses. I hope that i am able to achieve my goal of becoming an orthodontist and i know that with hard work and dedication i will be able to achieve
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